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November Church News

November Church News
Monroe First Congregational Holiness Church
1113 South Broad Street
Monroe, Georgia 30655
Pastor Greg Baldwin
Sunday School 10:00, Sunday Worship Service 11:00 & 6:00,
Tuesday Worship Service 7:30
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Here at Monroe CH Church, we are a family of believers. We want to capture the hearts of every generation and join together in pressing “toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:14). Thank you for joining with us to magnify and worship the Lord today. If you don’t already have a home church, we would love to have you with us each week. Along with our mid-week service on Tuesdays, we also have small groups on Tuesdays. We are certain that we have something suited for you.

Weekly Sunday School Trivia Questions
October 30st~ What is the “glory of children?”
November 6th~What will an idle soul suffer?
November 13th~Who loves at all times?
November 20th~ What is the name of the land where Sarah was buried?

Nursery Guidelines
The nursery is staffed by one adult and one young adult and will be
available during the sermon portion of the service.

Words for Life
I love autumn. Along with the beauty of the trees, I also enjoy the sunny days and the cool nights. I love to see the bright orange and red leaves on the trees. But, have you ever noticed that evergreens (pines, cedars, furs, etc.) don’t change even in the coldest months? Do you know why they don’t? As foliage is concerned, they have to have protection to survive the cold months of the oncoming winter. The tissue of leaves on most trees is too tender to withstand icy nights. So, during autumn, plants either have to toughen up to protect their leaves or dispose of the leaves. Evergreens toughen up, so they are able to keep their needles. They have a thick wax coating that resists freezing. However, the leaves of broadleaved trees do not have the same thick coating, and the cells on the inside are watery and will easily freeze. The tree has to seal off and shed these leaves to ensure winter survival. It makes me consider how tough I am? Does God want me to “toughen up” like an evergreen? I strongly believe so. He has provided everything we need to survive the harshest nights. Psalm 28:7 NLT says, “The Lord is my strength and my shield. I trust Him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.” What a perfect verse for this season. Remember, the nights may be longer and colder. But allow the Lord to be your strength and know that, just like the thick coating of wax on evergreens, He is your shield. So, be sure to sing Him a song of Thanksgiving.

Prayer Requests
In your prayer time this week, please remember:
Jesse Mullins, Jamie Rowden, Margaret Hicks, David Pace, Sandra Phillips, LeWanda Ramey, Dee Cordle, Melissa Christian, Shane Charles, Gary Butler, Bro Billy Autry, Sherman and Joy Baldwin, Robert and Glenna Deel, Gene McCullough, Eva and Delano Casper, Lisa Perry, & Scott Williams.

§  Nursing Home Ministry is the first Saturday of each month. Sister Judy Daniel directs this ministry & would appreciate your prayers & support.
§  November 3rd~Brotherhood Meeting with Thanksgiving dinner @ 7:00
§  Christmas in Mexico~we will be sending Christmas poppers to the Monroe Church in Mexico again this year. Please bring the following items: toilet paper rolls, bags of individually wrapped candy (no chocolate-it melts), small toys (balloons, crayons, small bouncy balls, etc.), & Christmas wrapping paper. The Mexican Christmas party (to stuff and wrap the poppers) will be November 5th @ 5:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall.
§  November 11th~Dinner & a movie. Dinner @ 6:00; Movie @ 7:30. Pastor’s Pals-Bro Greg & Sis Tina will provide child care in the nursery during the movie. Menu & movie to be announced soon.
§  November 13th~Robin and Steve Snider will be worshiping with us. Steve will be preaching.
§  November~WM’s Thanksgiving dinner
§  December 4th~William Strickland, our new director of Missions USA, will be with us.
§  Remember to check the projection for additional announcements.

November Birthdays
Jessica McWilliams~November 3rd
Judy Daniel~November 5th
Greg Baldwin~November 9th  
Bobby Driver~November 13th
Rachel Cobb~November 18th
Zoey Michael~November 24th
Madison Lazenby~November 26th

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