Sunday, November 6, 2016

Invisible yet Invaluable

You are invaluable even when you feel invisible. Think about this: if I were to ask you what are three things you would like to have right now, what would you say? Maybe more money, a new pair of shoes, or a different job? You could probably think of several things that would be nice to have. But, if I asked you what you value most in other people, what would you say? Chances are your first thought wouldn’t be that their car is the best thing about them, or their new computer, or fancy shoes. Instead, what you value the most in them would likely not be “things” at all. Instead, it would be their joyful demeanor, hopeful attitude, exuberant peace, trustworthiness, integrity, or compassionate nature. There is great value in those invisible things. Can you see that just because something is invisible doesn’t mean that it isn’t valuable? 
If we read about Samuel going to Jesse’s house to anoint a new king, we will see that Jesse called in seven of his sons. But, he left David working in the field with the sheep. How invisible must David have felt? But, God doesn’t need our family or friends to see our potential; He knows who He created us to be. Keep in mind that you may be anointed for a purpose, but that doesn’t mean that you will immediately be appointed to a new position. If we look at David again, after he was anointed, the next time we see him in the Scriptures, he is back in the field with the sheep. 
When you get a fresh anointing, you may have to go right back to the same job. But, don’t do that job the way you’ve always done it. Use your fresh anointing to inspire you to go to new heights. Working in the field like David was or working in a field of ministry where you find yourself now is hard work. God was preparing David to fight giants; He is preparing you for some battles also. The field will make you fit for the fight. Don’t be discouraged if you feel invisible. Let your time working in secret prepare you for the time when God will make your works known. And, if you don’t get a crown for it down here, rest assured, you’ll be rewarded in Heaven when you hear those invaluable words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter into the joys of the Lord.”