Saturday, October 13, 2012

Are you headed for divorce?

Calvin and I were at Applebee’s for dinner one evening last week. There was a girl who was close to our table, talking to another diner. She told him, “I’m married now. I was the best girlfriend ever. But, I’m not the best wife.” She said it multiple times. It really got under my skin. Why in the world would you not put effort into being the best wife that you could be? And, even if you knew you weren’t all you could be, why would you admit that to a random person? Although I did not say this to her, she went on in her conversation to say, “It doesn’t matter. I’ve got him now.” She must not know the current divorce rate in the United States. I can’t imagine promising my husband, God, and witnesses that I would love my husband forever and then not put every effort into nurturing that relationship.
Then, tonight in my prayer time, that scenario came across my mind again. I began to wonder, is that the way that we as Christians treat our bridegroom? I’ve heard it said time and again that the key to a successful relationship is communication. We pray and worship Christ to get close to him at the beginning of the relationship. We know that we need to spend time and effort to make sure that Jesus is in our hearts. But, then as soon as we’re sure we’ve got him, do we fail to do anything to develop an intimate relationship with him? Think about it this way: if Christ was your groom in the flesh, would you be headed for divorce? Need help to know how to speak to him? Set aside five minutes each day to pray. You will be amazed how quickly your relationship with him begins to flourish. Don’t get a divorce; renew your vows.

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